Freret Market March 2012 Freret Market March 2012 Freret Market in New Orleans neighborhood In the background you see the Freret neighborhood in New Orleans 151399221 The Help This band The Help is local New Orleans band at Freret Market 151399222 Woody's Fish Taco Best fish tacos at Freret Market 151399223 Material Girl Lori upcycles and makes purses,clothes at Freret Market 151399224 Miss Malaprop Eco friendly items, jewelry at Freret Market 151399225 New Orleans Glass Creations She makes fantastic glass creations, cheese trays out of wine bottles 151399226 Jewelry by Christine Fellow jewelry maker, Christine I, really like her style from Gulfport, MS 151399227 151399228 NOLA T Shirts by Joanne 151399229 Bayou Soap 151399230